pillows for Sydney's bench
Santa's chocolate shoppe stocking
mini red Christmas tree stocking
mini chocolates and snowmen stocking
mini Santa Paws puppy stocking
peace sign bandana dress for 18" dolls
flowered pillowcase doll dress
pink spaghetti strap doll dress
hippy bandana skirt for dolls
American Girl Doll Stockings
red pointed toe stocking
ornament stocking
no sleeve ornament Christmas dress
doll jean dress
no-sew tie blankets
Indian costume
Christmas tree pillow
present boxes stocking
recycled jean shorts
sunflower and pumpkin doll overalls
candy mints stocking
sleeved ornament patterned 18" doll dress
recycled jean wallet
child's tank top dress
flower PJ pants
key fob
pink doll shirt
flowered pillowcase girl's dress
shoe bag
braided headband
chocolate snowman stocking
ballet stocking
bandana halter top
pecan sachet
red bandanna doll skirt

origami cards
pumpkin origami box
Christmas star
striped box and card sets
candy box
polka dot origami gift basket

Click the link above to see all my cards.

knifty knitter pink hat and scarf
American Girl Doll clothes
yellow baby blanket
knitted doll bag
purple infinity scarf
Kindle cover
blue knitted purse
knitted sleeveless dress/ long skirt for dolls
Dad's Christmas hat
green infinity scarf
purple American Girl Doll sweater with rolled sleeves
purple American Girl Doll vest
blue baby hat
green knitted hat
rainbow hat
knitted hat and scarves for dolls
18" doll sweater
large women's slipper socks
small women's slipper socks

Syd's Christmas Dollhouse
dollhouse details
ethnic dollhouse dishes

dollhouse details
ethnic dollhouse dishes
polymer clay American Girl Doll cinnamon rolls
pink iced cake
doll sized Christmas cut out cookies
doll sized gingerbread men
American Girl Doll banana
American Girl Doll hamburger
American Girl doll hot dog
American Girl Doll Krispy Kreme doughnuts
American Girl Doll doughnut
snowman ornament
Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments
big orange cupcake

heart magnets
February heart costume
Saint Patrick's Day Lucky Charms Rainbow
Easter bunny egg
bunny ears headband
Easter goodies box
paper plate Easter baskets
toilet paper roll bunny
woven paper Easter baskets
plastic egg maracas
sombrero bank
taco cut out
Mother's Day Menu
pumpkin carving
cut out pumpkin faces
Thanksgiving dinner placemat
Christmas house picture frame
Christmas cut-out gift tags
Christmas Picture Frame 2
ornament fabric ornament
Christmas box count down
holiday candy wrappers
Christmas 2012 shadow box
Santa cut-out
Paper plate and cotton ball Santa
elf cut-out
circular snowflake print ornament
music note snowman cut out
snowman advent calendar

puppet theater
cardboard ship
Rapunzel tower oatmeal boxes
senior year wall hanging
counting abacus
milk carton houses
Christmas 2012 shadow box
mini Apple laptops
butterfly toilet paper rolls
alien spaceships
duct tape toiled paper roll shakers/ rattles
American Girl juice boxes
graduation cap
fabric covered box
hanging organizer

Harp's hamburger bank
DIY painted plates
painted doll's dresser
foam doll cake
soup and crackers bowl
snowman ornament
American Girl Doll cookies
painted "C" wall hanging

polka dot candy bar cover
Christmas hot cocoa packet holder
Christmas movie trivia cards
DIY Minnie (or Mickey) Mouse Ears
snowman hot cocoa packet holder
Foam Letter Tiles
paper plate noise makers
angel place card holder
animal stationary set
doll flip flops
pad slippers
snowman toilet paper roll
mancala board
Altoids container crayon case
modern paper ornaments
birthday princess sign
Easter bunny egg
stained glass votive holders
braided fabric strip headbands
Minnie Mouse Plates
key necklace
"I mint to get you something..." gag gift
Pin the Bow on Minnie
homemade crayons
bunny ears headband
Minnie Mouse Topiary
pinecone Christmas trees
Decorate a snowman
DVD case coloring set
no-sew tie blankets
mini hot cocoa jars
ribbon decorated tin can pencil holder
plastic dog ornaments
paper dolls with pop out dollhouse card
stamped flower bookmark
sock snowmen
knotted friendship necklace
kitty cat mask
tea cup gift box
birthday countdown calendar
Christmas tea bag package
Cupcake Wars Craft
colored pasta mosaic
tin pail gift card holder
plastic egg maracas
Christmas cut-out gift tags
candy jar
make your own mini book
penguin gift bag
beaded ladybug
beaded diamond
beaded butterfly
beaded bee
doll party hats
"LOVE" calligraphy bookmark
looped headband
18" doll foam food
paper gingerbread house ornament
musical penguin cut-out
doll foam pancakes
homemade bows
paper gingerbread man ornament
winter tea party menu
toilet paper roll vase and paper flower
owl pillow boxes
beaded keychains
winter tea party place cards
elegant looped paper ornament
snowman mug sleeve
Minnie Mouse wreath

cinnamon applesauce cookie ornaments
personalized gem t-shirts
music note snowman cut out

gingerbread sugar scrub
peppermint sugar scrub

polka dot popcorn box
tea themed Christmas box
birthday cake gift holder
pink polka dot scone box
Rapunzel tower oatmeal boxes
Christmas baking granola treat box
fall tree box

modern paper ornaments
plastic dog ornaments
fall leaf ornaments
paper gingerbread house ornament
paper gingerbread man ornament
circular snowflake print ornament
elegant looped paper ornament
Christmas ribbon tree
Mickey and Minnie Mouse polymer clay ornaments
polymer clay snowman ornament
ornament fabric ornament
cinnamon applesauce cookie ornaments

decorated composition book journal
Striped Christmas Journal
Christmas tree journal

calligraphy Bible verse
"Oh the places you'll go..." picture frame
Christmas 2012 shadow box
Sisters Shadow Box Picture Frame
senior year wall hanging
polka dot graduation picture frame
black& white 2013 graduation frame

March memory verse chart
May memory verse chart
September memory verse chart

Pride and Prejudice Scrapbook
Harper's 5th Year Scrapbook
Mother's Day Scrapbook Gift
Europe Scrapbook Part 1: Basel
Europe Scrapbook Part 2: Freiburg
Europe Scrapbook Part 3: Strasbourg
Europe Scrapbook Part 4: Amsterdam
Exploding box going away scrapbook
A Pocketful of Daddy's Girls Altoids Box Scrapbook
Carson's first Christmas scrapbook

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