Monday, February 23, 2015

My Brilliant Sisters

I made these foam letter tiles that spell out Carson's name as a Christmas gift for her this year. She is only 2 years old (not even 2.5), and she can spell both her first and last name, count to 30 (I think), recognize most letters and numbers, say multiple Bible verses complete with their references, and sing her ABCs. That's just to name a few. This child is brilliant, and my mom doesn't know what to do with her. The other day she asked for 5 grapes. My mom gave her 3, and Carson told her that she needed 2 more. I know 7 year olds who can't subtract. This kid is 2. (And just to clarify things, Harper is not the 7 year old I am referring to. That child is amazing as well. She can do math like no one's business and reads on a 5th grade level.)


My mom throws these tiles up in the air to scatter them, and Carson collects them and puts them in order. What a great game for any preschooler!

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