Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hello Kitty to the Max

Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and I have been busy card making as usual! We had a nice long weekend between our January term and the spring semester, so I was able to get some cards cranked out with a couple of good friends. I've made two custom Valentines for a friend and a professor to give to their boyfriend and wife. They were excited about them, and I was pleased that someone else appreciated my hard work. I hope that little Harper appreciates this Valentine that I made for her today.

If you walk into Harper's room, you will discover immediately that she is a Hello Kitty fan. She probably has 30 Hello Kitty stuffed animals, t-shirts, jewelry, and other paraphernalia. Her walls are hot pink with Hello Kitty stickers all over them, and even her bedspread is Hello Kitty. She informed me the other day that her favorite animal was indeed a cat, and she will someday own one. I think this card will fit in well sitting up on her dresser next to the billion other Hello Kitty sit arounds she has. :)

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