Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Quick Christmas Card Tutorial

My mom has been making last minute Christmas card requests. (Literally the night before she needs them.) I made this card today for our old neighbor in Georgia that my mom is still good friends with and actually works with. I want to share a brief tutorial of how I made it so you can replicate it on your own.


What you will need:
1- 5 1/2"X8 1/2" piece of green cardstock
2- 1 3/4" squares of red cardstock paper
1- 1 3/4" square of brown cardstock paper
3- 1 5/8" squares of patterned paper of choice
5 punched out white snowflakes
1 punched out stocking
Christmas stamp

  1. Fold the green cardstock paper in half to make a card.
  2. Glue the squares of patterned paper onto the squares of red and brown cardstock paper.  
  3. Attach the squares diagonally down the center of the card, making sure the brown square is in the middle.
  4. Glue the punched out stocking on the square of your choice.
  5. Glue the snowflakes around the outside of the card.
  6. Stamp your sentiment in the inside of the card. 

Have fun crafting!

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