Saturday, November 29, 2014


It is actually Christmas time! Nobody can deny it now. The cornucopia and pumpkins have been put away to make room for tinsel and ornaments. I just love Christmas! It was nice to take a little break during Thanksgiving to spend time with my family. We did quite a bit of traveling (which is not too fun with a 2 year old), and were able to visit with some good friends and both sides of the family. I was stuffed with delicious food, got to catch up with a year's worth of family happenings, and managed to crank out a 12 page paper and 2 scarves. It has been quite a week.

Here is a gift card holder/ card combination. There is a pocket to slip in a gift card, and pulling on the ribbon.....
....pulls out a little card for the message. I chose a mistletoe theme for this one, and have not chosen who the well loved recipient will be.
26 more days until Christmas!!

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