Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Carson!!

Today is my sweet baby sister's second birthday. I cannot believe it! She has grown up so much these past 9 months that she has been part of our family. We love her to death!


I have been posting various ideas/ crafts/ recipes for throwing your own Minnie Mouse themed birthday party just like Carson's. Here's a recap of our party and the links to the ideas.

It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun to craft and create all the d├ęcor and food for the party. We had a good turnout (everyone we invited), but kept our list pretty short to keep the chaos down.


One of Carson's China sisters came with her mom and brother. They were so cute together.


Carson knew how to blow out her candles without any help. I have no idea how since this was her first birthday party or time blowing out candles.

She also knew how to devour her cupcake. I think that is more of an inborn skill than a learned one.

The guests enjoyed the craft.

And they enjoyed the cute cupcakes even more.


Here is how I decorated the table and wall with our wreath. (Can you tell which streamer Harper twirled? :) )


Here's the list of the posts with recipes and tutorials:

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Minnie Mouse Topiary
Minnie Skirts
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