Friday, August 8, 2014

Paper Doll House Card

My amazing neighbors took me out tonight for a Middle Eastern feast as a late birthday/ back to school present. I love their family like they are family, and I spend quite a lot of time babysitting their three adorable children. Their oldest daughter, Savannah, just turned 8 in July. I cannot believe it! She was barely 2 when I met them, and now she is turning into a lovely young lady.

I made Savannah this birthday card. She is always very enthusiastic about my cards and crafts, and she often tries to replicate them as thank you notes. (It is always so cute.) I did not want to disappoint her, so I made a surprise pop out card.

The outside is the birthday card, and inside is a little doll room.

I also made paper dolls to go along with it.

032 (2)

She loved the card. Every time I have been over to her house since I gave it to her, she has had it out on her floor for her American Girl Doll to play with. I love seeing my craft appreciated especially by such a special little girl as Savannah.

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