Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Olaf for Breakfast

Here's a post in honor of my beautiful, funny, and Frozen obsessed little sister Harper. While I was still home for summer break, Harper and I got creative in the kitchen one morning for breakfast. We did not have enough time to make something complicated like poptarts, we had already had pancakes that week, and cereal just was not calling her name. In a creative spur, we decided to recreate one of her favorite characters in breakfast form.

It's Olaf, and he likes warm butter. :)


To make Olaf, use two Eggo Waffles for the body, two large marshmallows for the feet/ legs, and a pretzel rod broken in half for the arms. Chocolate chips make great buttons as well as tufts of hair. We used mini chocolate chips stuck on with butter for the mouth and large chocolate chips on top of pats of butter for the eyes. The nose could be an orange m&m, but we  used a veggie chip. (My mom does not keep our house well stocked with candy.)
Now don't you want to build an edible snowman.

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