Sunday, August 31, 2014

Minnie Mouse Wreath

The last craft I have to share with you about Carson' Minnie Mouse birthday party is an adorable and completely pink wreath. We made it out of crepe paper and a Styrofoam wrath from Michaels.

It was a group project. (You would not believe how long it takes to cut out all of those pieces of tissue paper and glue them into little holes.) Make sure you have quite a few sheets of tissue paper because it takes a lot.
First, cut up the paper into 4" squares. Pinch the center down and twirl the bottom a little to create something like what Syd is holding.
Make a bunch of little holes all in your Styrofoam wreath. Space them less than an inch apart so there are no gaps.
 Dab a little hot glue into each hole.
Firmly press the bottom of each tissue paper piece into the hole.
Make sure it is securely attached to the wreath.
Once there are no more empty spaces or holes, your wreath is complete. Attach a decal if you want to, and hang it up for all to see!
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