Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Here are the cute cupcakes we made for Carson's Minnie Mouse birthday party. They are Minnie Mouse of course, and everyone loved them. One of our guests just came for the cupcake and then left. :) Yeah, they were that good. (She actually wanted to come for the party, but had a busy schedule. We were glad that she was able to drop by at all.) Scroll down to find out how we made them!

We used a plain vanilla cupcake that we baked the night before as the base. White icing came next topped by an Oreo for the head and two mini Oreos for the ears. Harper made the little bows using a mold out of fondant.
You can get some use out of those Minnie Mouse plates by making a build-your-own cupcake center. Just place a cupcake, some icing, a bow, and the Oreos on a plate. Give each kid a knife and let them have at it!
Super cute!

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