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Disney Review: The Kona Cafe

I'm going back to school tomorrow, so I though it was about time that I finished up the Disney reviews. It feels like we were just at Disney, but that was over two months ago. This summer has sped by. I thought I was all ready to go back, but I am beginning to have my doubts....

I wish that I could just permanently move to Disney World and live there with my family. It would be cool to work with their college program, but it would be even better if I could just be a free loader. I could live like a princess (literally!). Who cares about school and work? There are rides waiting!

Just kidding. I really do love my school and cannot wait to see all my friends again. Plus, living at Disney with my high maintenance family would get a little old. Before you think that I'm losing my mind here (which may be very possible), let me move on with the review of the Polynesian Resort's Kona Café.

Located right outside of Magic Kingdom and part of the monorail loop, the Polynesian Resort is one of my favorites. Our family is too large to stay there now, but we were able to stay there several times when I was a kid. It is currently under renovations, so the huge waterfall in the center was being deconstructed when we visited. Before, it was central to the hotel. Disney even sprayed a certain perfume to make the whole place smell like a tropical island. In the lobby you can make leis with cast members, the pool is amazing, and they even have a luau dinner show you can attend. (My parents surprised me one year by taking me there on my birthday, and it was amazing!) Ohana is another dining option where you are served all you can eat Polynesian food brought to your table by waiters sort of like a Brazilian steakhouse. There are games for the kids too. I remember doing coconut races when we went in 2005. Yet another restaurant at the hotel is the Kona Café where we ate this trip. My mom loves this place. She dreams of the Tonga Toast they serve for breakfast, and she also loves the lunch and dinner menu that brings a certain Asian flare.

kona 4
A sweet Hawaiian loaf with macadamia nut butter is served to start. Harper was a big fan of this.
kona cafe g
We got the pork and vegetable pot stickers off of the appetizer menu. They were good but not the best thing ever.
kona s
This is Sydney's caterpillar roll (Inside out Tuna Roll, Shrimp Salad Tempura Crunch topped with a layer of Avocado). Isn't it cool? Kona has a bunch of maki rolls to choose from off their menu. They make a great appetizer or a cheaper meal option.
 I cannot find the picture of my California Luau Roll (Jumbo Lump Crab, Pineapple, and Avocado). I am okay with this because I would not want to be reminded of the awful thing. My avocado was as hard as a rock, the rice was mushy and overcooked, and the pineapple had no taste at all. This was the worst sushi and the worst meal I had at Disney. (And I had my fair share of maki rolls this trip.)
kona cafe

This is the tuna poke salad my dad ordered. It is also on the sushi roll menu.
kona cafe 6

My mom ordered the Sesame Seared Sea Scallops with Rice, Wakame Salad, and Tarragon-Champagne Beurre Blanc. She loved it and had to keep Carson away from eating all of her scallops again. (We would not want to repeat the Cooke's incident.)
kona f

Harper's ravioli was shaped like Mickey Mouse! It must have been too adorable to eat, though, because she did not touch most of it. (She should have gotten the chicken nuggets.)
kona d

The desserts at Kona are always amazing. Years ago Syd and I watched as a chef carved Lilo and Stitch out of chocolate. We were about 6 and 9 when they did it, and they still had it sitting out when we went in 2010. Sadly it is no longer there, but no worries. You can order your own mini sweet masterpiece.
The awesome sundae with Mickey's face in chocolate, a mound of fluffy cotton candy, and two scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone all topped with fudge and sprinkles (Wow, that's a mouthful. No pun intended.) Was over the top. I think it made Harper's day. We now know why she held off on her meal. She was awaiting dessert.
kona 2

The beautiful Kilauea Torte (An explosion of warm liquid Chocolate inside Chocolate Volcano) was not lacking in taste or presentation.

kona 1
Here is the banana chocolate crème brulee which also frequents my mom's dreams. She was smart in ordering it because Syd and Harp won't touch anything with bananas in it. Two less forks in her dessert. ;)
Overall, the Kona is an okay place to eat. It is a little sad knowing you are so close to Ohanas and the luau, but are stuck eating at the little café. I was not a fan of my meal at all. (It was my least favorite in the parks.) My mom enjoyed hers, but the rest of us could not say the same. I suggest skipping the meal and just going for the awesome desserts. It was a little of a disappointment as our last meal in Disney. We might have just been sick of eating out or depressed that it was time to go. Disney is such a magical place. I hope my reviews have been helpful, and I look forward to share more after future trips!


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