Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Disney Review: Cinderella's Royal Table

Every little girl dreams of one day growing up and becoming a princess. Walt Disney World really does a great job of making that dream come alive. (At least for a day at a price.) Magic Kingdom really brings out the magic at Cinderella's Royal Table where you get to eat in Cinderella's castle in the company of the Disney princesses.

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My mom took Sydney and I to eat at the castle when we were younger, so this trip she took Harper and Carson. It was Harper's "birthday" restaurant, so she was especially pampered. The castle not only has an amazing atmosphere, but the food is amazing. The menu includes scrumptious starters, sophisticated main dishes, and amazing finales. While you munch, the princesses come around for photos and hugs. There is also a special time with the Fairy Godmother when each little princess gets a wand and every prince gets a sword.

cinderellas castl
I was a bit jealous of my mom's lunch. Her starter was a Chef's plate of hummus, flatbreads, and a strawberry almond salad. Yum!

cinderellas castle
Mom's entrĂ©e was Braised Short Rib, Parsnip Mashed Potatoes, and Wilted Spinach. The poor thing did not get to fully enjoy her amazing feast because Miss Carson decided to dump everyone's water on top of herself, but what she did get to taste between managing a crazy baby and snapping photos was heavenly.
Dessert was a cupcake named "The Clock Strikes Twelve". It was White and Dark Chocolate in a tribute to the moment when Cinderella loses her slipper. So cute!
cinderellas cast
Harper got her usual with mashed potatoes, corn, and grapes.
cinderellas cas
For dessert she got a sorbet trio of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.
She also got a cupcake with a candle because she was celebrating her birthday. It was a good thing, too, so Carson could have her own cupcake and stay away from my mom's.
cinderellas c
Overall, the castle is a very expensive, but very worth it location to dine if you have little girls in love with the princesses. The food is good, the atmosphere is magical, and who doesn't want to eat in a castle? I would not waste my money on a bunch of little boys, but little girls would love this. A tip is to book lunch or breakfast since it is cheaper.

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