Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Disney Review: Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh takes you on a journey to Morocco with its cuisine, music, atmosphere, and dancing. Like the other countries in Epcot's World showcase, Morocco's staff is made up of native Moroccans. This brings an extra cultural encounter to the entire mini world inside of Disney that I adore. I felt like the meal and experience I got at Restaurant Marrakesh was authentic and traditional.
morrocco 5

We each got to choose a restaurant to eat at and celebrate our birthdays while at Disney. Syd chose France, Dad chose Boatwright's, and I wanted to eat in Morocco. Everyone was a bit hesitant to try it, but it turned out to be one of our favorite restaurants. This is the bread they brought out as a starter. Everyone got their own little loaf.

morocco dew
Unfortunately, most of the menu contained tomatoes. I had to stick with the tomato free lemon chicken. It was moist, delicious, and the best chicken I had in Disney. (And I had a lot of chicken because it tended not to be coated in a tomato sauce at most restaurants.) Everyone agreed that it was very good. It was served in a delicious lemon sauce with potatoes.


Syd wanted the most authentic thing on the menu. The couscous with lamb was advertised as a traditional dish, so she went with that. It came in a pretty little display of meat and vegetables atop a bed of couscous.

morrocco 1
 My dad got a shish kabob with couscous. 
morrocco 4
My mom got the Mogador Fish Tagine (Marinated fish with olives, lemon confit, potatoes, green peppers and shermula sauce). She absolutely loved it.
morrocco 3
Harper predictably got chicken nuggets. She was eating like a true Moroccan.
Following Harper's very "Moroccan" dinner of nuggets and fries, she had some ice cream.
morrocco dw
Other desserts on the menu included Bastilla (Crispy leaves of pastry topped with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with toasted almonds),
morrocco s
assorted pastries,
and the Marrakesh Delight (fresh fruit salad topped with mint ice cream, toasted almonds and orange blossom water).  We were less than thrilled with the desserts. Except for the fruit, we did not eat any of it. Some of the flavors were just off.
morrocco e
My ice cream was served separate with a candle to celebrate my birthday. The waiters (they were all men) came out to sing happy birthday to me in Arabic. During the meal, a traditional band came out to play along with a belly dancer. All the children were invited to learn how to dance. Harper was too shy to go by herself, so I joined her. Let's just say I am not a dancer and definitely not a belly dancer. It was an interesting opportunity, though.
Other than the belly dancing (my dad had to keep his eyes shut the entire time since the female dancer took off her shawl and was barely covered), our dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh was amazing. I definitely recommend it for a great and delicious meal.

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