Saturday, July 5, 2014

Disney Review: Flame Tree Barbecue

There are not many good restaurant choices in Disney's Animal Kingdom. (And there are certainly no places to eat if you are allergic to tomatoes.) My family decided to eat at Flame Tree Barbecue during our day at Animal Kingdom. Located in the Discovery Island section of the park, Flame Tree offers a quick service meal of BBQ meat with ample seating and quick service. There are not many good qualities after that. The food is less than stellar, verging on the edge of disgusting. Sydney actually had to throw her meal away and just have a popcorn lunch. As a bunch of southern BBQ snobs, my family did not do well here, but let me just share some of the menu options with you.


The 1/2 slab of St. Louis ribs were bad, and the coleslaw was almost inedible. My dad thought the beans were okay.

This is the rib and chicken combo, also gross.

flame tree b
Harper got a hot dog with grapes, juice, and carrots. She was less than thrilled.

The dessert choices were key lime and chocolate mousse. I don't know how they managed to mess up dessert, but Flame Tree succeeded. My mom hated it, and my mom loves all desserts.
Overall, we do not recommend Flame Tree. The food is gross, and our sever was very rude. My dad was shocked that Disney hired such a rude employee. If you're in Animal Kingdom, I suggest checking out another restaurant.



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