Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Disney Review: Chefs de France

Sydney's restaurant choice in Disney World was Chefs de France located in France's Epcot pavilion. It was an obvious choice for her as she really wants to visit France and loves good food. In my opinion, this restaurant is one of the nicest that you can get on the regular dining plan for one table service credit. We all really enjoyed it. From the very French atmosphere inside, to the gourmet menu and the multi lingual (beautiful) French waiters, this restaurant really measures up.

france 56

Here is our French bread. Not quite as good as it was in France, but still tasty.

france f
I will start off with the kid's menu. Harper was served a three course meal including an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. She chose Friand au fromage - Cheese puff pastry- for starters.

Harper's entrée of choice was chicken nuggets (of course) and pasta. I really don't remember seeing either of these in France. I guess we were still in Disney.

france e
Her dessert was chocolate ice cream to round out the meal.
france 55
I thought that Syd would go for the three cheese mac and cheese, but she wanted to try something new. She ordered the Canard aux cerises (Duck Breast with Cherries) - Duck breast and leg confit with cherries, sweet potato puree and patty pan squash. It was her first time having duck outside of the nasty duck skin we were served in China. She LOVED it except for the rum soaked cherries.
france g
Since it was her "birthday" night, the waiters came out to sing to her in French and gave her this delicious dessert of chocolate mousse and pound cake.
france 45
She also got the crème brulee for dessert. It was her birthday, after all. :)
france 3
My mom got the three course meal option. For starters, she got lobster bisque. Carson loved it, and scarfed it all down.
france ggg
Her entrée (which Carson also loved) was Filet de saumon, aux lentilles (Broiled Salmon) - with braised lentils and bacon.                  
france h\
Dessert was the Profiteroles au chocolat - Puff choux with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.
france vv
My entrée was the Demi poulet fermier rôti (All-Natural Half-roasted Chicken)  with broccoli. Who would have guessed that I would choose chicken and broccoli? It was very good.
france dwe
My dad and I both started off with the house salad with a light vinaigrette dressing. Mine was tomato free.
france fe
My dad ordered the Plat de côtes de boeuf au Cabernet (Beef Short Ribs) - braised in Cabernet with polenta. He must have scarfed down the carrots because I don't even remember seeing them. He loved the ribs, but was not a fan of the polenta. His dessert was the Fraisier sur coulis de framboise, sorbet fraise - Fresh strawberry and cream cake, raspberry sauce and strawberry sorbet.
france c
I definitely recommend Chefs de France while in Disney world. It's a lovely restaurant with lovely food. It is hard to find a restaurant that everyone in my family likes, and Chefs de France fit the bill.

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