Sunday, June 15, 2014

Disney Review: Biergarten

Biergarten is a restaurant tucked away in the back of Germany. My mom made the reservation because she could not decide where else to eat, and we had gone before on our very first Disney trip back in 1998. Since it is a buffet, she figured we could all at least find something to eat. I sure am glad she decided to book a table for us at Biergarten. It was delicious! The chicken was probably the best I had out of anywhere in Disney, and the environment was a lot of fun.

 Bavaria-themed dining area in Biergarten Restaurant featuring long communal tables, street lamps and a stage
Biergarten is set to resemble an Oktoberfest feast, and the interior is amazingly decorated. It's like you are in a German city with houses, shops, and the night sky. (This picture is from Disney's website.) Seating at Biergarten is by shared tables of 8. Since we are a family of six, a young couple joined us at the front of the table. It was fun to talk to them and to watch the polka band that came out to play a few songs. The random toasts, dancing, and unique instrumentals all made the dinner super fun. The kids were invited down to the front to dance, but Harp was too shy to go.

biergarten t
 I know my pictures are not so great, but this is one of the buffet tables. There was an enormous spread of delicious German food, including many things that I actually tried in Germany. Above is the freshly sliced meats, spaetzle, mac& cheese, meatballs, and sausages.
Potatoes, brussels sprouts, and beets
biergarten 4
Numerous cold salads
biergarten 2
More salad
biergarten 1
Pork Schnitzel, White Fish, Rotisserie Chicken, and other delicious dishes. The head chef came out and showed me all the things I could not eat because of my tomato allergy. The beef was sadly tomato laden, but my mom said it was one of her favorites.

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