Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Disney Review: Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is a brand new restaurant in Disney's Magic Kingdom. It is in Fantasyland, set back in Belle's castle. Sydney and I would have dies when we were younger if they had introduced the whole new Fantasyland. It is completely different than it used to be, and it's simply magical. Belle's new castle is no exception.

belle t

Lunch at Be Our Guest is a quick service, and dinner is a table service. My mom called as soon as she could to get reservations for dinner, but it was already filled up. I advise you to call 180 days in advance and cross your fingers to get in for dinner. If you don't make it, you can always come for lunch. Be warned, though, the line starts at 9 am even though it doesn't open until 10:30. My mom waited in line for over 45 minutes for a 10:30 am lunch. It was worth the wait, though.

belle y

The decorations inside are magical. There is a royal entry, the library where you place your order, and three themed dining rooms.

belle f
When the restaurant first opens, all the crew comes out and welcomes you to be their guest. It just makes the experience even more magical.
belle 1
 This is the west wing with the Beast's rose.
belle 9
We dined in the main sitting room. It is made to look like a formal ballroom.
belle d
You order from computers like this in the library. Menu items include traditional French dishes like French onion soup and quiches along with references to Beauty and the Beast like "the grey stuff, it's delicious" (a cupcake with grey icing).
belle fff
Waiters bring your food out on carts like these. They know where you are sitting based off a signal that the new Disney arm bands send off. It's really cool.
belle 45
This is the Tuna Ni├žoise Salad (Warm Seared Tuna Steak, chilled Green Beans, Potatoes, Olives, Roasted Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and a Hard Poached Egg). Sydney said that she really enjoyed it, and the tuna was delicious.
belle gg
Here is the Carved Turkey Sandwich served warm on a Baguette with Dijon Mayonnaise and Pommes Frites. My dad wasn't too pleased. He complained about the mayo. I blame him for ordering a plain old sandwich and not asking them to leave the mayo off.
belle e
Everyone loved the Braised Pork (Coq Au Vin Style; Eight Hour Slow-cooked Pork with Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots and Bacon served with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans Jardiniere).
belle ff
Harper also got a turkey sandwich. She said the bread was to crunchy, and the fries were too mushy. She had no problem with the cookie, though.
belle 5
Desserts were a triple chocolate cupcake and a chocolate cream puff.
belle 4
We found a hidden message in the chocolate on the cream puff.
Overall, I suggest that you go explore Be Our Guest. It is a great addition to Magic Kingdom, and I hope to be able to have dinner there in future trips.

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