Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break Finale

I had a great spring break, and loved spending every minute of it with my amazing family. It started out a bit cold, but warmed up for a few days. I enjoyed some quality time with Syd on long walks, got to craft with Harper, sang and danced with Carson, got to help out my mom around the house, and had some nice conversations with my dad. I took Syd to the movies to see Divergent, watched Frozen with Harper, got to go to Harper's Frozen birthday party, saw an old friend, and even managed to work a couple of nights. You could say I had a pretty nice break.


We had an Asian feast last night after Harper's birthday party. These delicious summer rolls were on the menu along with fried rice and pot stickers. It was not too shabby of a meal. :)


Chicken Noodle Summer Rolls
rice paper wrappers
cooked rice noodles
cooked shredded chicken
sliced mushrooms
julienned carrots
julienned cucumber
cubed avocado
sliced sugar peas

Prepare all of the ingredients, and lay them out on a large cutting board. Fill a large pan (about 10” in diameter) with super-hot water and place over low heat. Soak the rice papers one at a time in the water for about 10 seconds until softened. Immediately spread the papers out onto a plastic cutting board. Place the fillings in the center of the paper. Fold one side of the rice paper over the filling, fold the two ends up, and roll it all up to seal with the remaining side. Enjoy!

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