Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Harper!

I cannot believe little Harper is 7 years old! The time has flown by. Harper is growing up to be a sweet, kind, thoughtful, and beautiful little girl. I love and treasure every single minute I get with her. She is such a joy.

Since I am on Spring Break and Syd is on miniterm, all of us girls were able to go surprise Harper for lunch. We brought her breakfast from Chick-fil-a since she eats at 10:20, and that is all they serve at that time. She was surprised and really enjoyed it.


Harper has been working super hard on not sucking her thumb anymore. She has not sucked since January, and Mom promised her that she could get her ears pierced on her birthday.


Harper was so brave. She did not shed one tear, and now loves her Hello Kitty earrings.

Supper was her choice of spaghetti followed by a little cake. She was so excited that she did not finish either one. It is a rare occasion for Harp to leave any dessert on her plate.

The night ended with Harper opening her presents. There was a common theme of Frozen and American Girl stuff. She was in heaven!

Here is the Frozen card I made her. She is OBSESSED with that movie. I think she knows it by heart.


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