Friday, March 7, 2014

Hannah's Not-So-Very-Surprising Party

As I mentioned yesterday, it was my roommate Hannah's birthday. I wanted to do something special for her, so I invited some friends over for a surprise party after her night class. Little did I know that her class would get out early for the first time all semester. And I'm not talking 10 minutes early. She normally gets back a little before 9. She got back last night at 7:35. So much for the surprise....

We still had a lot of fun together giving Hannah her gifts and eating these delicious s'mores cookies Tori made after finding them on Hannah's Pinterest board. This is Tori holding her creations. She is a fellow Spanish major/ blogger/ crafter/ baker. Let's just say that we have quite a bit in common. :)


I made this sign for Hannah's door. Her favorite things are purple, glitter, and crowns. She is also definitely a princess. There is no doubt about that. The party was princess themed in honor of her royal status.

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