Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Leftovers

One of the best parts of the day after a big holiday feast is the leftovers. I ADORE leftover dressing. (I gross my family out by eating it cold.) You wouldn't want all that turkey to go to waste, so here are a few recipes to use it up.

First up is a twist off the traditional chicken pot pie. This one can be made just for one in a little ramekin. I thought mine was super cute.

single serving turkey pot pie (7)
Single Serving Turkey Pot Pie
For the crust:
½ cup flour
¼ tsp baking powder
dash of salt
1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt

For the filling:
¼ cup chicken or turkey broth
1/3 cup Greek yogurt
1/3 cup shredded cooked turkey
2 tbsp cooked corn
2 tbsp cooked peas
2 tbsp diced onion
2 tbsp diced carrots
2 tbsp diced celery
dash of salt

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. To make the crust, mix together the salt, baking powder, and flour. Add in 1/3 cup Greek yogurt, stirring until everything is combined. Roll the dough into a ball, and split it into two balls, one slightly larger than the other. Roll out each half into large disks. Press the larger disk into the bottom and up the sides of an oiled ramekin. Set the other aside to use as the top after the pie is filled.

To make the filling, heat a small pan to medium heat with a little oil in it. Cook the onions, celery, and carrots for 5 minutes, or until tender. Stir the broth and yogurt together. Add the salt, vegetables, and turkey. Pour this all into the ramekin with the crust.

 Top with the remaining crust, pushing down the sides. Prick the top with a fork, and bake for 35 minutes. Turn the broiler on to high, and broil for 2-3 minutes or until golden. Enjoy!
single serving turkey pot pie (2)
This soup is a great way to use up any leftover vegetables and the turkey broth. It's easily thrown together in the microwave, making it even more convenient after all that cooking you had to do over the past month.
turkey noodle soup (2)
Microwaved Leftover Turkey Noodle Soup
serves 2-3
3 cups turkey broth, reserved from your roasted turkey
1 carrot, diced
2 stalks celery, diced
3 tbsp diced onion
½ cup leftover turkey, shredded
2 ounces dry thin spaghetti noodles, broken into small pieces
Skim the excess fat off the top of the broth. Add the broth into a microwave safe bowl along with the carrots, celery, and onions. Cover and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Add in the pasta and turkey. Microwave another 5-6 minutes until the pasta is done. Enjoy!

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