Thursday, October 3, 2013

Every Day Surprises

The other day I came across a large grapefruit at the fast food restaurant at my school. Normally they just have oranges, or if you are really lucky maybe even an apple or banana. I was a bit surprised to see a grapefruit sitting in the basket.
grapefruit pistachio overnight oats (6)
 I did not allow my shock to get the best of me, though. I snatched up that grapefruit and started to dream up recipe concoctions to make with it. I did not want to do anything too simple and waste the grapefruit, nor did I want to do something so elaborate that it would overpower the taste. Then I had the idea to use the peel of the grapefruit as a bowl. And what better to fill that bowl than overnight oats mixed with chunks of grapefruit and pistachios? Thus a delicious breakfast was born.
grapefruit pistachio overnight oats (9)
Grapefruit- Pistachio Overnight Oats
serves 2
1 grapefruit
¼ cup oats
¼ cup milk
¼ cup Greek yogurt
2 tbsp chopped pistachios
Mix the yogurt, milk, and oats together and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, segment your grapefruit. Stir half of the segments into the overnight oats. (You can eat he rest.) Split the mixture between the two grapefruit peels. Top each with a tablespoon of chopped pistachios.
grapefruit pistachio overnight oats (3)
I hope you are as lucky as me in finding your next beautiful breakfast concoction.
Surprises are just so much fun. I get so excited every time I see a letter in my post box, pull out my cell phone to see who is calling, or find a grapefruit at the dining hall. Call me weird, but it's the little things that make life fun. That is one of the reasons I like making cards so much. It's more about surprising the recipient with a cute, fun, and unique card. Today's card is full of surprises. The outside looks like your typical Christmas card...
....but when you open it up, a the inside pops out at you. It's a special Christmas surprise message, cute snowmen and all.

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