Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pan de Casabe

One word: Yum! The Angolans need to hook up with the Cubans and learn how to really cook cassava. It was delicious. When I first saw the recipe, I doubted how well it would work out, but it went perfectly. I could eat pan de casabe every day!

The Cubans will never be able to share their recipe with the Angolans since no one is allowed in or out of the country. I wonder if they sell illegal American cigars in Cuba.

To make pan de casabe, you first wash and peel the cassava. Grate it with a fine cheese grater into a bowl. It will make a watery dough.
 Put the grated cassava on a towel, and squeeze the excess water off.
 Roll the dough into balls and pat into a small round. Place on a skillet heated on medium high. Cook until browned. (Do not use any oil.) You can eat warm or cold. It forms a thin cracker- like bread when cooled.

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