Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Barn Card Tutorial

1. Cut a red 12" X 12" piece of card stock paper into a 12" X 6 3/4" piece.

2. Fold the paper in half hamburger style.

3.Tuck in the top corners.

4. You now have your basic shape.

5. Unfold the card. 2 3/4" from the bottom, mark 2" from each side. Connect the marks into a straight line. Draw a parallel line down the center.

6. Cut out along the lines with an X-acto knife. This is the barn door.

7. 5" from the bottom, mark 2 1/2" from each side. Connect the marks to form a straight line. From the right mark, draw a parallel line 1 1/4" down. Finish drawing the rectangle, and cut out 3 of the sides. This is your window.

8. Paint on details.

9. Print barn animal pictures out to fit inside the window and door.

10. Glue the animals onto the half of the card without the door and window, so that they can be seen through the openings. Glue the card together. Be careful not to glue the door and window shut.

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