Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My friends from school just got back from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic yesterday. Since I was unable to go with them, I wanted to try to recreate a meal they may have had. Now I can say I shared a little bit of the experience with them.

Anyway, this morning I made Mangú. It is a typical side dish in the DR that is often served as a breakfast. You can eat it with salami, sautéed onions, eggs, or fried cheese. If you’re really hungry, you could eat all of these. I stuck with just eggs. In African countries they serve something called fufu. It is a lot like mangu in the fact that you boil and smash vegetables for breakfast. I enjoyed the mangu, but it wasn’t something I could eat every day. It was just a bit weird.


1 plantain

1 tbsp olive oil

¼ cup cold water

Set a pot of water onto boil, peel the plantain, and cut it into eight even pieces. Boil the plantain until it is tender enough to smash. Take it out, and mash it with a fork. Add in the oil and water. Mix well. It is kind of like mashing potatoes, but the plantain is a bit softer.

Enjoy! Serve with eggs, queso frito, salami, and/or onions.

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