Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heat, Salt, and Cabbage Worms

These past few days have been crazy. I have been under attack by cabbage worms! They managed to eat the majority of my broccoli leaves within a few hours. It was insane. The things aren't bigger than my fingernail, but they managed to devour a good bit of my plants.
My mom and I, seeing that we needed to do something, researched cabbage worms. We don't want to use pesticides on the plants because they're unhealthy and expensive. Plus, I don't really think my mom wants me playing with poison. We looked for other methods. The Internet said to first pick all the worms off, and then sprinkle salt over the plants while they were wet with dew. DO NOT DO THIS! It made my plants shrivel up where the salt was stuck on. Ahh! I think I might have lost all but one of the broccoli. Oh well, this isn't really the best time to grow broccoli anyway. I need to wait until it cools off.
Speaking of cooling off, I think the heat is killing my beans too. They are dropping left and right. I thought beans were supposed to be very heat resistant. At least my lettuce and okra seem to be doing well. The few carrots that managed to sprout are doing well too.
Here's the whole garden. The pot next to the garden is Syd's cherry tomato plant.

You can see my poor broccoli in the back.

The okra sure has gotten big. My mom will finally be able to make some fried okra. My family (minus me) has been missing okra. They don't really grow it very much up here.

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