Thursday, June 14, 2012

Animal Cards: frog and horse

You need 7 different shapes to make the frog.

The body is one big circle, the head is a big oval, the legs are two long and narrow ovals, the feet are three strips of paper taped to each leg, and the eyes are two small white circles with two even smaller black circles inside.
I drew the mouth.

The horse is one large oval (head), one medium oval (nose), two long and skinny ovals (ears), two smaller long and narrow ovals (inside of ears), two tiny yellow circles (snout), strips of black paper glued to yellow half ovals (hooves), and two white circles with green ovals that have black dots inside (eyes). Sorry my description is not the best. One of these days I'll make an actual step by step tutorial. Yeah.... I'll get to that eventually.

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