Thursday, April 5, 2012

Simple Easter Crafts

Here are a few simple crafts for Easter. They probably only took 20 minutes total.

What you need: white card stock paper, tape, pink crayon, headband
Cut out two long ear-shaped pieces of card stock paper. Color pink inside of them. Tape them onto the headband. It's super easy, and it only took a few minutes. We threw this together last minute. It would've probably looked better if we had a white headband, but Harp was pleased with it.

What you need: white construction paper, crayons
Cut out a bunny shape and color. (I told you these crafts were simple.) We sent these cards to our grandparents. Didn't Harper do a good job with the mouth?

What you need: construction paper, crayons, a plastic Easter egg, a cotton ball
Cut out the shape of a bunny head from a piece of paper. Color a face on it. Glue the head on the bottom of the egg, and glue the cotton ball on the top of the egg. That's it. Sorry for the bad picture.

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