Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick and Easy/ Other Main Dish

Alaisa Fa’apopo
Arroz a la Mexicana
Arroz blanco
Asian broccoli and couscous puree
Asian peanut quinoa and chicken wraps
avocado grits
baked couscous balls
baked kolokythokeftedes
baked spinach & cheese tortilla
basmati rice
beans and plantains
Belizean rice and beans
black bean tacos for one
broccoli and onion quesadilla
broccoli and swiss casserole
broccoli, egg, and Swiss muffins
broiled stuffed mushrooms
butternut and hazelnut cornbread dressing
caraotas negras
cauliflower egg fried rice
cauliflower mac and cheese
cauliflower nuggets
cauliflower rice peanut stir fry
cauliflower pizza crust
channa dal
chayote-potato cakes
cheese grits
cheese soufflé
cheesy baked polenta
cheesy baked spinach rice casserole
cheesy cauliflower bread sticks
chestnut- apple druffins
chickpea balls
chickpea pancakes
cojita and veggie stuffed zucchini boats
colorful quesadillas
cornbread dressing
dhal bhat
edamame hummus
egg fried quinoa
ema datshi
feta-thyme grits
fig, goat cheese, and chicken crepes
French Dip and Swiss Oatmeal
giant bean and veggie taco
goat cheese grits
Greek yogurt pizza dough
grilled peach and pistachio chicken
grits patty
hummus pasta
Jamaican peas and rice
kolduny (stuffed potato pancakes)
llapingachos (Ecuadorian fried potato patties)
lontong (compressed rice cake)
Mauritian spicy chickpeas
mayo free chicken salad
Mexican chicken- quinoa stuffed peppers
mupunga ne dovi (peanut butter rice)
mushroom and barley stew
mushroom cornbread dressing
mushroom ris'oat'to
oyster dressing
parmesan and mozzarella risotto
Peruvian rice
pierogi ruskie
pinenut porridge
plato paceno
polenta fries
polenta pizza
pumpkin risotto
Quinoa, Sweet Potato, and Roasted Chickpea Bowl with Sweet Peanut Dressing
red rice
roasted red pepper and feta quinoa patties
Rwandan bananas and split peas
sautéed veggie summer rolls
savory goat cheese oatmeal
savory millet porridge
sesame chickpeas over cauliflower rice
single serving stir fried noodles
single serving tortilla casserole
slow cooker applesauce chicken
slow cooker pizza grits
sweet potato gnocchi for one
Swiss Cheese Corn Cakes
taco cornbread
taco scramble
tapas platter
tomato bacon risotto
tuo zaafi
turkey noodle soup
veggie hummus quesadilla
veggie hummus wraps

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