Sunday, March 25, 2012


Aussie meat pies
Aussie rissoles
baked kibbeh
banh mi
beef and barley soup
beef jerky
beef rendang
brunch on a bun burger
carne mechada
Chamorro bistek
kottbullar (Swedish meatballs)
lahmajoon (Armenian pizza)
olla de carne
pho bo
slow cooker Italian lentil and meatball soup
taco cornbread
taco meat
taco scramble
wiener schnitzel

adobong manok
African chicken and groundnut stew
Asian peanut noodle and chicken stir fry
Asian peanut quinoa and chicken wraps
baked chicken and broccoli crepes
baked chicken fajitas
baked chicken taco cups
baked chicken taquitos
banh mi
boko boko
broccoli chicken parmesan
Caribbean chicken chow mein
cashew-pistachio crusted chicken with herbed couscous
chicken and broccoli gruyere soup
chicken and egg fried rice
chicken and onion pannekoeken
chicken and onion stir fry
chicken egg rolls
chicken, feta, and hummus salad
chicken gyros
chicken hummus couscous bowls
chicken noodle summer roll
chicken parmesan
chicken pesto couscous with roasted vegetables
chicken pesto naan pizza
chicken quarters on the grill pan
chicken salad
chicken salad summer rolls
chicken taco salad
chicken tikka masala
chicken wonton and seaweed soup
chicken zurbian
cilantro pesto chicken pasta
coconut chicken with couscous
coq au Riesling
creamy chicken and vegetable pasta
creamy parmesan chicken risotto
dak bulgolgi (Korean BBQ)
djaj mqualli (Moroccan chicken and olive tagine)
doro wat
enchiladas for one
fig, goat cheese, and chicken crepes
Gaeng Phed Gai (Thai chicken curry)
Greek yogurt chicken tenders
Hainanese Chicken Rice
huku ne dovi
grilled peach and pistachio chicken
Jamaican jerk chicken
jasha maroo (Bhutanese minced chicken)
kabuli pilau (Afghan pilaf)
kay patkhin
kelaguen mannok
keshi yena (Aruban cheese crusted pie)
Kippenwaterzooi/ Waterzooi de Poulet
lap lap
machboos ala dajaj
mafe tiga
Mediterranean chicken wraps
Mexican chicken- quinoa stuffed peppers
Minnie Mouse sandwiches
muamba de galinha (Angolan stew)
murgh dopiaza
Ohn No Khao Swè
onion and parsley stuffed chicken breast
paella mixta
parmesan chicken couscous
pasta salad with chicken, broccoli, and feta
pastel de choclo
pine nut and chicken salad
poulet au yassa
poulet colombo
poulet fafa
quick farro chicken stew
riz gras
sage chicken
sate ayam (chicken satay)
seasoned baked chicken
seco de pollo
single serving chicken and dumplings
slk fel kousha
slow cooker applesauce chicken
slow cooker BBQ chicken sandwiches
slow cooker chicken and millet
slow cooker green curry chicken over green noodles
slow cooker Indonesian peanut chicken
slow cooker Moroccan chicken and couscous
sopa de mani (Andean peanut soup)
soto ayam (Indonesian chicken noodle soup)
spaghetti squash lasagna
spicy chicken thighs
stew chicken
sweet and sour chicken for one
Thai chicken and spinach red curry

cheesy turkey burgers
Feta, Broccoli, Turkey, and Quinoa Bowl with Spicy Roasted Red Pepper- Pepita Sauce
goat cheese stuffed meatballs
lemon herb roasted turkey
mini turkey cheddar crescent roll pot pies
Minnie Mouse sandwiches
purica and mlinci
roasted turkey with onions, apples, and celery
Single Serving Sweet Potato- Turkey Shepherd’s Pie
single serving turkey pot pie
spaghetti and meatballs with notomato sauce
Turkey-Bacon-Ranch Naan Pizza
turkey balls
turkey burgers
turkey hummus and crackers
turkey noodle soup
turkey parmesan muffins

bacon and bell pepper yogurt-crusted quiche
bacon cheddar hand pies
banh mi
brunch on a bun burger
creamy pasta with ham
kottbullar (Swedish meatballs)
macaroni and ham soup
Minnie Mouse sandwiches
pigs in the blanket
pincho de jamon serrano y queso
sausage balls
seafood paella
Spanish style grits and eggs
spinach, bacon, and cheese crepes
tapas platter
tomato bacon risotto

lahmajoon (Armenian pizza)

amok trey
avocado tuna salad wrap
caldeirada de lulas
California summer rolls
cari ourite (octopus curry)
crab and egg roll maki 
crab egg rolls
curried chambo
fried flying fish
Lohikeitto: Finnish Salmon Soup
oil down
oyster dressing
paella mixta
palaver sauce
parmesan and crab scrambled eggs
parmesan, crab, and broccoli pizza
parmesan panko coated scallops
pincho de anchoas y pimiento
qaqocc mimli (Maltese stuffed artichokes)
quinoa and crab maki
saltfish fritters
saltfish salad
Sautéed Flatfish with Lime
seafood paella
stuffed trout

bacon and bell pepper yogurt-crusted quiche
broccoli and swiss casserole
broccoli-provolone-pasta muffins
cauliflower egg fried rice
cheese soufflé
chicken and egg fried rice
chicken, provolone, and broccoli egg bake
crab and egg roll
egg drop soup
egg fried quinoa
egg naan
eggs in purgatory
feta and veggie omelet
fried egg
goat cheese and egg wrap
hummus and mushroom scramble
microwaved scrambled eggs
mini 4 cheese veggie frittatas
parmesan and crab scrambled eggs
poached egg and grits
south of the border benedict
Spanish style grits and eggs
spinach-feta-farro egg white frittata
steamed eggs
taco scramble
Tex-Mex Migas
truita de bolets (Andorran mushroom omelet)
turkey lettuce wrap
Vegetable Quiche
veggie omelet

paella mixta
stuffat tal-fenek

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